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  • What is Anchor Together?
    Anchor Together is more than just a single product; it's an entire company on a mission to help you have better relationships. We created a platform designed to empower individuals seeking authentic relationships, spiritual growth, and meaningful accountability. It offers a unique experience tailored to deepen relationships with God, mentors, small groups, and significant others.
  • How does Anchor Together work?
    Anchor Together provides a space for personalized relationships and guided discussions. Users receive individual prompts and questions to engage in meaningful interactions. Responses are shared within the group in a natural way, fostering conversations that enrich authentic relationships. For instance, the user might receive a notification saying “Do you have any prayer requests today?”. The user can type their request and then in the group they will be notified something like “Jimmy has a new prayer request today. Please take some time to pray”. Prayer is just one of many ways we facilitate growth. Other sample prompts will be things like: Big events or decisions that require prayer or wisdom Confession Things you’re learning Resource recommendations Share challenges etc.
  • Who is Anchor Together for?
    Anchor Together is designed for anyone who desires to deepen their relationship with God, engage in a meaningful mentorship, thrive within small groups, and strengthen connections with their significant others.
  • How do I get started with Anchor Together?
    Getting started is easy. Simply submit your email on the home page.
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